• For adjusting the air flow in all kinds of ventilation and air conditioning devices and cutting off the flow in ventilation ducts.

• For installation in air handling units and rectangular ventilation ducts.

• Damper opening control can be carried out either manually or by means of an electric actuator.

Special features

The design of the blades was developed so that their shape would minimise the air flow resistance when the damper is open, additionally they are equipped with a special design gasket that ensures their maximum tightness.

STAR PLUS dampers are made (similarly to the other ones from the STAR line) in the anodized and powder coated versions (the range of colors is compatible with RAL).

Basic information


• a = 3000 mm max

• b = 2500 mm max

• c = 115 mm

Dampers types:

• Type P - damper installed below the actuator

• Type R - dampers with a manual mechanism

Example of order markings:

Multi-blade damper STAR PLUS 630 (width) x 630 (height) - P (type)

Temperature range of operation (continuous operation):

max 80°C

Tightness class 2 according to EN1751

Technical specification